Ok, I’ve always had the same problem (since I started travelling and meeting people from all over the place, I mean): languages. No, it’s not that I can’t learn any languages at all (that’d be a different article, I could talk about my personal fight against Japanese language, ^_^), but no… it’s combining them what extenuates me. Having friends all around the world who speak different languages and wanting to write in general, for everyone, is just impossible.


So I’ve decided that every now and then I’ll try to write a post in English, to my dear English-speaking friends (wherever you are). Hope you (only) Spanish speakers won’t mind (which is stupid to say, because if you only speak Spanish you probably aren’t even reading this!).

Anyway, back to business.

This morning I’ve broken the time difference and for an hour or so I’ve been in Japan. Yes. I haven’t taken a plane. I haven’t paid a ticket. I haven’t even suffered from a bit of jet-lag. No. I’ve simply been at Pauline’s house, simply been there. Simply felt as if I was there, actually.

Pauline is like a sister to me. I met her at Nova, in Osaka and we became friends straight away (having exactly the same schedule and the same days off kind of made it an obligation, ^_^). We spend our time together, chatting about this and that. And today, for an our or so, I was there again. I was there with her, chatting, laughing, getting serious, being silly. And I have to say I seriously missed doing that. I seriously miss talking to her.

Friendship is a weird thing, don’t you think? You meet someone, something clicks inside you and all of a sudden you feel as if your family had now a new member, as if you suddenly had a new sister or brother. And distance is another weird thing, don’t you think? You can have someone miles away and still feel that that person is your closest friend. Your closest. That just struck me this morning, when my msn messenger peeped and Pauline opened a window to say hi.

Internet has changed the way we interact. Reducing the gap, bringing closer countries, time lines… distance, basically. And I can’t feel more grateful. Physically, I may be miles away, but it’s not distance anymore. There’s no distance anymore.